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Expert Winter Gardening Services

You may be able to rug up to protect yourself from winter weather, but your garden can’t! As the colder months approach, it’s time to ensure your garden receives the care it needs to withstand the winter weather and emerge even more vibrant in the spring. At AAA Garden Services, we are your trusted experts in winter gardening services in Perth. 


Our dedicated team of professional gardeners are here to provide comprehensive winter garden care, including winter weeding, mulching, tree trimming, garden edging, and complete garden tidy-ups. Contact us today to schedule your winter gardening service with our friendly, experienced gardeners in Perth, or read on to learn more about our gardening services available below.

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Benefits Of Winter Garden Maintenance

As a homeowner, maintaining your garden during winter might seem like a daunting task. With winds picking up and weeds popping up, everyone deserves a garden looks beautiful and healthy all year round, but only some have the time to maintain it. We recommend leaving it to the pros; that’s us! By enlisting our helping hands for your winter garden maintenance, you can help your garden flourish with benefits including: 


  • Damage prevention – Winter weather can cause a variety of problems for plants, from freezing to drying out. By maintaining your garden correctly, you can avoid these issues and ensure that your plants continue to grow and thrive. 
  • Increased growth potential – Proper care during the winter months can stimulate healthier and more robust growth in the spring. Our expert gardeners will give your plants the essential nutrients, pruning, and attention they need to thrive, resulting in more vibrant blooms and lush foliage.
  • Enriched soil – Winter garden maintenance is an excellent opportunity to enhance the quality of your soil. Our team will enrich your soil with organic matter, such as compost or manure, to improve its fertility and provide your plants with the ideal environment for growth.
  • Saved time & effort – Maintaining a garden during winter can be time-consuming and challenging. By leaving it to our professional gardeners, you can reclaim your time and enjoy a well-maintained garden without the hassle and hard work.


If you want to ensure that your garden flourishes during the winter months, trust our AAA Garden Services team to maintain it with winter gardening services to meet your budget, schedule, and ultimate garden goals!

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Winter Planting Services

While winter may not seem ideal for planting, it’s an excellent opportunity to introduce new plants to your garden. At AAA Garden Services, we offer professional winter planting services to help you enhance the beauty and diversity of your outdoor space. Our expert Perth gardeners have the knowledge and experience to select the right plants to thrive during the colder months, adding colour and life to your garden even in winter. Whether you want to spruce up your flower beds or create a winter vegetable garden, our team can assist you in choosing the best plants and providing proper care to ensure they flourish.

Winter Weeding

No one wants to spend their time weeding, especially in the rain! Winter weeding is a tedious and time-consuming task that can take away precious moments you could spend indoors, cozy and warm. At AAA Garden Services, we offer professional winter weeding services in Perth to keep your garden free from unsightly and damaging weeds. Our team will meticulously remove weeds, ensuring your plants have the space and nutrients they need to thrive. By entrusting us with your winter weeding, you can save time, protect your garden from weed infestations, and enjoy a neat and well-maintained outdoor space.

Winter Garden Clean Up

Winter can leave your garden dull and neglected, with fallen leaves and debris scattered around. But wait to pick up that rake! We’re here to restore your outdoor space with our professional winter garden tidy-ups in Perth. Our skilled team will remove debris, fallen leaves, and dead plants, instantly transforming your garden. We also provide pruning and trimming for healthy growth and weed control. Our garden tidy-ups are a fantastic way to prepare your garden for a successful spring, creating an ideal environment for new growth and vibrant blooms. 

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Fertilising in Winter

Winter fertilisation is crucial to give your garden the vital nutrients needed to survive the dormant phase and prepare for spring. Many homeowners believe that fertilising is only necessary during the spring and summer months, but it is equally essential during winter too. Our team at AAA Garden Services offers professional winter fertilising services in Perth that cater to your garden’s needs. Our experts will analyse your soil’s nutrient requirements and suggest appropriate fertilisers to promote healthier growth, stronger roots, and improved overall resilience, ensuring your garden thrives.

Cost Of Winter Gardening Services

At AAA Garden Services, we offer competitive pricing for our winter gardening services in Perth, ensuring exceptional value for your investment. Our transparent and detailed estimates outline the cost of each service without any hidden fees or surprises. Contact us today to schedule your winter gardening service in Perth and let our experienced team elevate your garden to new heights of beauty throughout the winter season.

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    Perth Gardener Reviews

    Shane Gleeson
    Shane Gleeson
    Did a fantastic job. Fast response and kept us informed all the way through. Thanks
    Ethan Bull
    Ethan Bull
    Great company to work for! The level of organisation and kindness is the best I’ve been managed by. The owners of the company Kavi and Manisha really lookout for their staff, providing they will have the best possible day. The quality and care of all other workers truly shows from the moment they arrive at each garden and perform great cleanup/maintenance work.
    Linda Chapman
    Linda Chapman
    Garden was very neglected. The team were excellent at communicating arrival times, what they would be able to manage in the time. They cleaned up and removed all the garden waste. I will definitely use them again. Highly recommend
    Kristy George
    Kristy George
    The team were so friendly and got back to us with a quote so quickly! The team that came out and did the garden did such an amazing job. Would recommend anytime!
    Paula Jones
    Paula Jones
    I have been using AAA garden Services now for over 7 months and I am always thrilled with what job they do. The guys are very professional and efficient. They always ask what I would like done before they start. They get straight onto what I need doing and I am proud of my lawns and gardens. I recommend AAA to anyone who is house proud.
    I've used them a couple of times now for a yard clean when I've just let it get out of control and can't keep up. They do a fantastic job and made my home look so much better! Very friendly and have quick response times.
    Jonathan Roberts
    Jonathan Roberts
    Outstanding service from Manisha to quote and book in the service & also from Jamis and Too on site yesterday. A professional and personal service - something you don’t find too often these days. Highly recommend AAA Gardens - yes you can get cheaper but you get what you pay for. Will definitely be using there services again in the future. Well done guys - testament to a really solid family owned business.
    jennifer stato
    jennifer stato
    Absolutely stunned by the awesome job from AAA! Transformed my overgrown lawn weed strewn and garden beds in 6hrs- would have taken me weeks! Well worth the money, in fact possibly too cheap for the job they did. Highly recommend and will most definitely use the team again! No job too big or small for them
    Max Bulsara
    Max Bulsara
    Excellent service, quick and neat. Will call on them again.
    Posting for my parents - I was very happy with the quality of the work carried out in my large garden. I really appreciated the fact that before and after photos were taken. I have a native garden, which was a little wild - not anymore! I have organised future gardening work to be carried out in my backyard - a challenge I’m sure my new gardeners will succeed with.

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