How to Prepare Your Perth Garden for Summer

How to Prepare Your Perth Garden for Summer

Getting your garden ready for summer

When it comes to summer in Perth, our gardens and greenery need our help to stay lush and lively, just as much as we need them for shade! It’s essential to keep your garden healthy and hydrated with summer gardening maintenance that will help your outdoor space flourish for the summer to come. Introducing seasonal garden maintenance is a great way to ensure your outdoor space is not only entertainment-ready for summer, but also safe and risk-free when those seriously scorching days arise. In this blog, we’re mowing through our top tips how to help you prepare your Perth garden for summer and make landscaping a breeze with AAA Garden Services.

1. Hedge Trimming

Hedges can be a fantastic way to increase your property’s privacy, value and overall appearance. However, they can quickly become a prickly hazard and challenging to tackle in summer without the right equipment and tools. But don’t run to Bunnings just yet; we offer exceptional hedge-trimming services in Perth that your wallet and garden will thank you for. With a regular trimming schedule, you can expect healthy growth and an immaculate, dense hedge that will have your neighbours asking you for tips!


2. Mulching

If you find yourself constantly plucking dry, dead growth from your plants as summer hits, there’s a high chance your garden could benefit from some mulch. Mulch plays an integral role in summer gardening care by trapping much-needed water at the plant base, keeping your garden lush, hydrated, and healthy for longer! Mulching can also help tidy up the bottom of your garden beds, ensuring your landscape looks neat, level and attractive across all four seasons.


3. Tree Pruning and Shaping

Summer in Perth isn’t always blue skies and perfect temperatures. Heavy winds are common to our sunny seasons Down Under, and if your property has overgrown or broken tree branches, you could be looking at a nasty safety hazard. The solution to this potentially expensive accident is routinely pruning and shaping your trees (also known as topiary trimming). This garden maintenance is key to ensuring your garden is safe from fallen branches and free of messy debris, allowing you to have peace of mind your outdoor space is risk-free and looks fantastic. 


4. Weeding

Whether you have a giant backyard or a small patch of garden, you will have already experienced weeds quickly taking over your outdoor space. We all deserve to relax during summer, and people with little time or equipment can often spend days off plucking weeds under the sweltering sun – we don’t want that! You can look forward to getting back some of your downtime when you enlist the help of our weeding services for your Perth home. Whether a courtyard, lawn or garden bed, you can look forward to a stress-free summer of entertaining without the weeding worry (or back pain!)


5. Lawn Mowing

Have you ever driven through a neighbourhood in summer and admired how lush and green the grass is while your home’s lawn looks somewhat yellow and thirsty? You might be thinking, “how do they do it” and the answer isn’t just an excellent watering schedule; it involves regularly mowing your lawn! Regular lawn care like mowing, trimming and edging can drastically improve appearance, health and garden upkeep. If you don’t have the tools or time to do it yourself, our lawn mowing services will leave you free to spend your summer admiring your own property.

Get your summer garden prep started!

Whether you’re an avid gardener, a complete landscaping beginner, or you don’t have the time to get your gardening gloves on – our Perth gardeners are here to help. Our hard working team of gardeners take care of your garden to the highest attention to detail and standards. Contact the team at AAA Garden Services for your summer gardening estimate today!