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Autumn is a fantastic time to put some care and attention into your garden. As the temperature drops, your plants and lawns get a much-needed break from our long, dry summers. At AAA Gardens, our autumn gardening services in Perth are all about making the most of this weather change, and prepping your garden for the upcoming months.


Mulching, planting, and fertilising are the main focus of autumn gardening. These measures ensure your gardens are blooming come springtime, and also work to manage weed growth. Our experts are well equipped to deliver your garden an ideal combination of these services, as well as general upkeep such as lawn mowing and edge trimming. We endeavour to make sure your garden is looking its best, all year long!

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Benefits Of Autumn Garden Maintenance

By undertaking professional autumn garden maintenance at your property, you’re essentially planning for your garden’s future! Plant the right plants, trim trees and hedges, and prep your lawn for the upcoming winter months. This will reduce your gardening costs in the long term, while also maintaining a beautiful garden for you to enjoy.


Over winter, our gardens are often neglected and left to run wild. Autumn gardening allows us to plan for this early on and minimise overgrowth and rotting organic matter. This creates a cleaner, safer environment for you and any visitors to your home, as well as pets and local wildlife.

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Autumn Planting Services

With so much to choose from in terms of plants, it can be extremely difficult to know what to plant, and when to plant! Autumn is a great time for planting in general, because of the heavy rainfall over winter. This provides optimal growing conditions for a wide variety of flowers, shrubs, vegetables, and especially citrus trees.


We can plant bright flowering plants and bulbs, as well as a selection of vegetables or citrus trees to suit your property and preferences. Plus, our professional rose gardeners can plant gorgeous roses at your home, and maintain them for you. Choosing the right plants could have you enjoying home-grown fruits and vegetables in a matter of months, with minimal effort from you!

Autumn Mulching

Help your garden beds retain moisture and lock in nutrients with the right mulch. Mulching in autumn prevents soil erosion from rainfall, protects the integrity of your garden beds, and prevents weeds!


No one likes weeds popping up in their beautiful gardens and lawns. Applying mulch can stunt weed growth and even prevent them from germinating in the first place by blocking sunlight. We also provide stand-alone weeding services throughout the year on properties across Perth.

Fertilising In Autumn

Fertilising your lawns and garden beds in autumn is a great idea if you want to keep them looking lush all year long. However, doing this yourself is one of those things we often never get to, plus there are so many fertilisers to choose from, it can feel very overwhelming!


At AAA Gardens, our team of experts know just what your garden needs to keep it maintained and beautiful. We use the right fertiliser for your lawn type and gardens, and can also perform lawn mowing and edge trimming throughout the year to maintain clean appearances.


And with the onset of the fruiting season for citrus trees like oranges, lemons, and more, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of our autumn fertilising services. Our fertilisation techniques ensure your citrus trees, lawns, and garden beds receive the care and expertise they deserve, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruitful rewards!

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Leaf Clearing Services

Autumn is the quintessential time of year for leaf clean ups. While giant piles of leaves are fun in the movies, in reality they’re messy and unsightly! As non-evergreen trees drop their leaves for the winter, this can create massive mess in your gardens and outdoor areas. Rotting leaves on the pavement also leave a larger clean up job for the future.


At AAA Gardens, our professional gardeners come to your property and perform leaf clearing and removal for you. We’ll ensure your gardens and outdoor areas look neat and tidy, and we take care of all green waste removal. Get more enjoyment out of your gardens all year long!

Cost Of Autumn Gardening Services

Autumn gardening services costs depend on the size of your garden and the style of work you require. We always provide personalised estimates to ensure our clients only pay for what they need! 


To find out the cost of autumn gardening services at your property, simply get in touch with us for an obligation-free estimate. We look forward to hearing from you.


With our professional team, quality tools, fleet, and years of experience, we’re passionate about creating beautiful gardens throughout Perth. Get in touch with Manisha or Kavi on 0457 332 871 today, to discuss your autumn garden maintenance needs.

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    Perth Gardener Reviews

    Shane Gleeson
    Shane Gleeson
    Did a fantastic job. Fast response and kept us informed all the way through. Thanks
    Ethan Bull
    Ethan Bull
    Great company to work for! The level of organisation and kindness is the best I’ve been managed by. The owners of the company Kavi and Manisha really lookout for their staff, providing they will have the best possible day. The quality and care of all other workers truly shows from the moment they arrive at each garden and perform great cleanup/maintenance work.
    Linda Chapman
    Linda Chapman
    Garden was very neglected. The team were excellent at communicating arrival times, what they would be able to manage in the time. They cleaned up and removed all the garden waste. I will definitely use them again. Highly recommend
    Kristy George
    Kristy George
    The team were so friendly and got back to us with a quote so quickly! The team that came out and did the garden did such an amazing job. Would recommend anytime!
    Paula Jones
    Paula Jones
    I have been using AAA garden Services now for over 7 months and I am always thrilled with what job they do. The guys are very professional and efficient. They always ask what I would like done before they start. They get straight onto what I need doing and I am proud of my lawns and gardens. I recommend AAA to anyone who is house proud.
    I've used them a couple of times now for a yard clean when I've just let it get out of control and can't keep up. They do a fantastic job and made my home look so much better! Very friendly and have quick response times.
    Jonathan Roberts
    Jonathan Roberts
    Outstanding service from Manisha to quote and book in the service & also from Jamis and Too on site yesterday. A professional and personal service - something you don’t find too often these days. Highly recommend AAA Gardens - yes you can get cheaper but you get what you pay for. Will definitely be using there services again in the future. Well done guys - testament to a really solid family owned business.
    jennifer stato
    jennifer stato
    Absolutely stunned by the awesome job from AAA! Transformed my overgrown lawn weed strewn and garden beds in 6hrs- would have taken me weeks! Well worth the money, in fact possibly too cheap for the job they did. Highly recommend and will most definitely use the team again! No job too big or small for them
    Max Bulsara
    Max Bulsara
    Excellent service, quick and neat. Will call on them again.
    Posting for my parents - I was very happy with the quality of the work carried out in my large garden. I really appreciated the fact that before and after photos were taken. I have a native garden, which was a little wild - not anymore! I have organised future gardening work to be carried out in my backyard - a challenge I’m sure my new gardeners will succeed with.

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