A Guide to Garden Maintenance in Perth

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Why garden maintenance is so important


Whether you rent, or own a home or business, proper garden maintenance in Perth involves much more than a solid watering schedule. 


Maintaining a beautiful garden takes time, effort and a myriad of tasks, all working hard together to keep your garden healthy and flourishing across all four seasons. As leading Perth gardeners, we’ve assembled a comprehensive guide to garden maintenance in Perth.


So, let’s dig in and discover how you can create a flourishing green space with professional garden maintenance.


What is garden maintenance?

We like to think of garden maintenance as a self-care routine for your garden. 


Just like brushing your teeth, eating, and showering, garden maintenance is the regular care and upkeep of your outdoor space. 


It involves regular tasks like mowing, weeding, pruning, fertilising, mulching, and watering.

What are the benefits of garden maintenance?


Garden maintenance is not only about keeping your garden neat and tidy but also about ensuring its health and vitality, all while boosting yours! 


Garden maintenance provides you with many flourishing benefits, such as:


  • Keeps your garden healthy and growing strong through all seasons
  • Access to grow your own food, herbs, and flowers right at home
  • Supports local biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Prevents pests and diseases
  • Enhances plant appearance and performance
  • Boosts your mood, well-being, and pride in your garden
  • Enhances the value and appeal of your property

How much does garden maintenance in Perth cost?


The cost of garden maintenance in Perth varies depending on:


  • Size and complexity of your garden
  • Services you require 
  • Frequency of the visits


As professional gardeners, we provide a free tailored garden maintenance quote to suit your budget and schedule.


So, whether you need a weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or occasional garden clean up service, contact us to get started today!

When is the best time to apply fertiliser in Perth?


The best time to apply fertiliser in Perth is in spring and autumn. 


This is when your plants are actively growing and need more nutrients. 


Avoid fertilising in summer and winter, as this can stress the plants and cause them to burn or freeze.

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When is the best time to change my Perth garden’s soil?


The best time to change garden soil in Perth is in autumn when the soil is still warm and moist, and before the winter rains hit. 


By prepping early, you can give your plants a fighting chance to establish their roots and benefit from the nutrients in the new soil.

When is the best time to water my Perth garden?


The best time to water your Perth garden is in the early morning or evening when the temperature is cooler, and the evaporation rate is lower. This helps your garden stay hydrated throughout the day.


You should also check your area’s water restrictions and regulations, as WA often experiences water shortages and droughts. 


Remember the trick: water deeply and infrequently rather than shallowly and frequently!

When is the best time to prune roses in Perth?


The best time to prune roses in Perth is in late winter or early spring before new growth starts. With rosebush maintenance, you can supercharge bud development, prevent diseases, prolong the blooming season, and improve appearance. 


Depending on the type of rose in your garden, it’s also crucial to follow the specific pruning guidelines for hybrid teas, floribundas, or climbers and use the right tools and techniques, such as secateurs, loppers, or saws.


When is the best time for a garden clean up in Perth?


The best time for a garden clean up in Perth is late autumn or early winter. 


Tidying your garden just before the rainy season will help it withstand the colder months and emerge healthy and vibrant in the spring. 


Remove garden debris, fallen leaves, weeds, or diseased plants potentially hiding nasty pests.

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Leave it to the Expert Perth Garden Clean Up Crew


We understand life is busy, and only some have the spare time to maintain their garden.


If you’re looking for regular garden maintenance, one-off garden tidy-ups, seasonal pruning, fertilising, lawn mowing, or weeding – the more overgrown, the better!


Our Perth gardeners are here to help. Contact us today for advice on garden maintenance, or request a free quote, and we’ll handle the lot!